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Who We Are and How We Help You

The Truckstars team combines more than 40 years’ experience in the logistics sector – from transport management to large-scale recruitment operations.
We are excited to announce the launch of the Truckstars App. The App will match HGV drivers looking for additional work with clients who have shifts that need filling, often at short notice.
Drivers, Download the app, pre-register today and be the first to hear about available work in your area. Clients and Transport Managers, contact marc@truckstars.co.uk for a demo.

Truckstars - delivering for Great Britain.

Truckstars brings HGV drivers and Clients together in an easy, fast and seamless way.

Businesses upload their jobs
Drivers accept these jobs via the app
At the end you get a Truckstar rating.

More stars, More money.

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For Drivers

Whether you are permanently employed or working for an agency, you may find yourself with extra working hours where you could earn more money in any given week. By registering with Truckstars you will be able to see all of the available HGV work near to your location and accept shifts via our easy-to-use Truckstars App.

Providing you are fully registered and compliant, you will be able to accept a shift and earn extra money – paid into your account with fast payment options. Register now to hear about shifts.

Sign up today, Do you have what it takes to be a Truckstar?

For Transport Managers

Never find yourself short of drivers again. When staff or agencies let you down, or you simply don't have the capacity to meet demand, Truckstars offers you a pool of licensed and compliant drivers with star ratings based on their punctuality, qualifications and previous experience.

Unlike agencies that are hard to reach after hours, charge high fees and are not open when you need them, Truckstars is open 24/7 and puts the best talent at your fingertips. Simply load up your shifts and the drivers will come to you.


Why Truckstars?

" Designed by drivers, for drivers "

  •   Industry experts with supply and demand side experience
  •   Higher hourly rates for drivers
  •   Easy to use app with access to the best and most reliable drivers
  •   Instant payment technology
  •   Full Compliance checks and regular license checks for all
  •   No need to engage with hard to reach out of hours agency staff
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